4948 Kamo Kikukawa-city, Shizuoka 439-0031

Our cuisine

Owner-chef Kazuki Takagi was selected as one of the top 200 chefs by the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Promotion Association of Shizuoka prefecture, which recognized his contribution in promoting the local food culture.

Shizuoka prefecture is one of the top producers of agricultural and fishery products in Japan. This region is known as a treasure chest of culinary resources, in both abundance and quality.

In order to encourage people to eat locally harvested ingredients, Obune sources from Shizuoka, the “kingdom of ingredients”, as much as possible.

Wasabi, Japanese horseradish, served at Obune, for example, is produced in Utogi, Aoi-ku, the birthplace of wasabi cultivation, where masters of this craft carefully cultivate and hand select the freshest and highest quality wasabi for our use.

We are committed to being the home of Japanese Contemporary, the place that you can always count on for a joyous and delicious experience

Our Signature Menu

Seasonal Course

16,500 yen (reservation required)

Matchmaking Course

27,500 yen (reservation required)

Hamaboiled Red Snow Crab and Enshu Yumesaki Beef Charcoal Grill Course

16,500 yen (3-Day Advance Reservation required)

Echizen Hon-Swai Crab with Tag and Broken Leg Course

22,000 yen (3-Day Advance Reservation required)

Echizen Honzuwaigani-Tagged Live Crab and New Japanese Cuisine Course

38,500 yen (3-Day Advance Reservation required)

K・T course

50,000 yen (3-Day Advance Reservation required)

※Please kindly make your reservation over the phone by noon of the day before your planned visit.



Reservation Required

Reservation 0537-35-4030

11:30~14:00 (Last order at13:45)
17:30~22:00 (Last order at 21:45)
Please kindly make your reservation over the phone by noon of the day before your planned visit.