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"Wa" - harmony

At Obune, "Wa" is the perfect harmonization of ingredients.
The idea of harmony may bring to mind that which is subdued or overly modest. At Obune, however, harmony is the dynamic catalyst that maximizes the potential of each ingredient, elevating each dish in the best possible way.

"Iki" - refinement

Whether it is the fruits of hashiri, the first yield of the season, shun, the peak, or nagori, the last of the season, at Obune we allow for the flavors to naturally express themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. This is refinement, to center the purity of flavor through the seasons.


"Netsui" - enthusiasm

Our "netsui" is the full devotion of self to the art of cooking. We do not create for the sake of arriving anywhere, because the path of a chef has no final destination. Instead, our work is to place one foot after another, with "netsui", time and time again toward continuous innovation.

Our promise to you is that we will continue to create culinary experiences that awaken a smile on your face and elicit joy from deep in your heart.


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