4948 Kamo Kikukawa-city, Shizuoka 439-0031

Obune’s speciality is "Japanese Contemporary" imbued with the spirit of “Onkochishin 温故知新”, an ancient proverb which teaches us that innovation is born on the shoulders of history, and that we must study and learn from the past to move more brilliantly into the future.

We are committed to holding true to our origins and culinary passions over the course of time.

Our style of "omotenashi", the signature hospitality of Japan, is expressed through our enduring pursuit of culinary joy. We aspire to share the joy we experience in preparing each dish with each and everyone of our guests.

Owner-chef Kazuki Takagi, hand-selects the highest quality seasonal ingredients without compromise, transforming them into one of a kind dishes with delicate craftsmanship.

Enjoy our exquisitely curated flavors in the leisurely atmosphere of Obune’s home-turned-restaurant space. We hope you enjoy your time with us.

                                Owner Chef,Kazuki Takagi


Our specialty is expressing “iki ”(refinement) and "netsui" (enthusiasm) through our cuisine.
The heart of Obune, "iki", "netsui", and all that we do, are rooted in "wa" (harmony).


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11:30~14:00 (Last order at13:45)
17:30~22:00 (Last order at 21:45)
Please kindly make your reservation over the phone by noon of the day before your planned visit.